Team Dynamite


Team Dynamite release their new video "Marvin" today from their EP Never Again get the EP and watch Marvin here

Team Dynamite’s laid-back, jazz influenced style has invited comparisons to A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast and De La Soul, albeit with a distinctively NZ Flavour. Observations via experiences of living and breathing in Auckland City,  Team Dynamite navigate easily between social commentary, quirky metaphors and retrospect.

With their trademark TD machine gun delivery, MC’s LUCKY LANCE & TONY TZ  have a chemistry that sounds alot like the day Mario met Luigi.  They just go together.

From his acclaimed work as a member of Homebrew, plus his in demand beats and re:mixes Musically the sound is driven by super producer, Haz Beats.

Formed in 2009, TEAM DYNAMITE have released a mixtape (The Demo Tape - 2010) and Shepherd's Delight (2014), their first full-length album featuring the tracks VERY ON & COCONUT LIME feat. Che Fu.  Off the back of their quality feel good street music, Team Dynamite have performed up and down New Zealand, shared stages with US hip-hop legends like DJ Premier, Mos Def and Jurassic 5,  toured nationwide with Ladi 6 and performed at the likes of Rhythm & Vines, Alps, Discombobulation & Homegrown.

Affiliated with Tom Scott's Young, Gifted & Broke collective, in 2014 Team Dynamite joined Red Bull Sound Select, leading them to collaborate with Eric Lau (UK), Rodney P (UK) & Laughton Kora and take part in sold-out performances in Wellington and Auckland alongside The Means and Third3ye.,With Haz having overseen Homebrew's landmark double album, and Tony and Lance regularly appearing on projects associated with other YGB artists, plus Lucky’s own clothing label Sky Pirates  -  they're all crucial figures within New Zealand's new young hip-hop/beats scene as well as being ambassadors of #feelgoodhappydays.

With 2015 seeing the band nominated for 4 Pacific Music Awards and new album, video and release plans in the works, the sky’s the limit for Team Dynamite.

Team Dynamite - Cosmos Re-Up (Official Video)