Shihad @ You Are Us / Aroha Nui benefit concert

We were proud to have some of our Artists play at the You Are Us / Aroha Nui benefit concert in Christchurch on Wednesday night - Shihad had the crowd singing along to 'Pacifier'

Check the video out here.

Formed in 1988 by high school chums Tom Larkin and Jon Toogood, Shihad began playing in their home town of Wellington, New Zealand, rapidly becoming one of the cities most popular acts.

It’s often been said that you can’t please everyone in this world, but over the last 28 years, Shihad have pleased a great many. Over that time, Shihad have chalked up quite a few enviable milestones:

They’ve toured the world, supported their musical heroes AC/DC, had three #1 albums and hold the record for the most Top40 Single Chart appearances for a New Zealand artist.

You can’t talk about Shihad without mentioning their electrifying live shows. Deservedly reputed as one of the most vital, experienced and energetic live acts around.

FVEY, the ninth studio album from the band, was released in 2014. Recorded at Auckland’s legendary York Street Studio with Killing Joke frontman, Jaz Coleman at the production helm. Shihad made New Zealand music history with FVEY, debuting at #1 on the country’s Top 40 Albums Chart. This #1 debut makes the Kiwi rockers the band with the most #1 albums in New Zealand chart history. Shihad are the only New Zealand band to have five #1 albums. Moreover, all five of these albums also debuted at #1 – a feat that no other New Zealand artist has ever achieved.

While they once changed their name, they’ve never changed their lineup and have proven by example that they are by far one of the most determined and enduring names of our time.

Ah yes, Shihad have remained undeterred by the pitfalls of living and breathing rock ‘n roll. As it was from the very beginning, the music is both their livelihood and their lifeblood and is positively infused with their unwavering enthusiasm and excitement of the process.

Check out Shihad performing songs from FVEY in the last ever performance at York Street Studios as part of the NZ Herald Sundae Sessions. 

Shihad -Think You're So Free (Official Audio)

Shihad - FVEY Studio Surveillance