As one of New Zealand’s best-known live bands, Kora are well known for giving energetic performances of their signature Kiwi tracks. Formed in 2001, their songs are known by most New Zealanders, firmly establishing them as one of NZ’s musical household names for the past fifteen years.

Kora are confident both on stage and in the recording studio, and with good reason – they have (so far) claimed a platinum EP, a double platinum debut album, and two of their albums peaking at #1 on the the New Zealand Top 40 album chart. Their sound straddles multiple genres, from reggae to metal, soul, and funk; but at their core, Kora’s unique and electric sound fits no pigeonhole.

Kora have spent much of 2016 working tirelessly in the studio, and may just be releasing some new material over the coming months.

Keep your eyes on Kora – their star is still rising.

Band Members

Laughton Kora

Stuart Kora

Francis Kora

Bradley Kora

Dan McGruer

Joe Brownless


2004 – Volume EP (Platinum)

2007 – Kora (Double Platinum, peaked at #1 NZ Top 40 album chart)

2009 – Kora!Kora!Kora! Cabaret Voltaire Sessions

2012 – Light Years (peaked at #1 NZ Top 40 album chart, #1 iTunes album chart)

KORA - Carolina

KORA Hit The Wall Video