The Adults

The Adults @ You Are Us / Aroha Nui benefit concert

We were proud to have some of our Artists play at the You Are Us / Aroha Nui benefit concert in Christchurch on Wednesday night - The Adults playing their opening song, last year's single Boomtown.

Check the video out here.

THE ADULTS RELEASE Take It On The Chin (feat Kings)

Check out The Adults latest music video for Take It On The Chin (feat Kings).

The Adults latest review's Alan Perrott talks to Jon Toogood about The Adults latest album Haja - read the full review here.

The Adults release Boomtown (feat. Chelsea Jade & Raiza Biza)

Check out the music video for Boomtown.

The Adults release Bloodlines (feat. Estére & JessB)

Check out Bloodlines music video.

After an incredible return with their new single ‘Bloodlines feat. Estere and JessB’, Jon Toogood’s The Adults released their sophomore album HAJA. This announce comes alongside the release of their brand new single ‘Boomtown feat. Chelsea Jade & Raiza Biza’

After releasing an album with Shihad in 2014, Jon began to search for ideas for the second chapter in the critically acclaimed Adults journey, eventually gathering inspiration from his wedding in Khartoum, Sudan and the traditional music, Aghani-Al-Banat, performed as part of the ceremony.

Aghani-Al-Banat literally translates to ‘girls music’ and is one of the only aspects of Sudanese music that deals exclusively with women, their lives and their issues. After completing a recording session in Khartoum with an all-female group of musicians, Jon bought the recordings home to begin structuring an album around them, inviting co-producer Devin Abrams (Pacific Heights/Shapeshifter) to help shape the sound of what would become HAJA. In order to find a title that encompassed what Jon wanted to convey with this album, he looked to the language of Sudan – with the word Haja being a respectful term for an older, more experienced woman in Arabic.

Much like the first Adults album, HAJA features an exciting cast of collaborators, including upcoming New Zealand artists Chelsea Jade, Estère, JessB, Miloux, and Raiza Biza, along with the award-winning Aaradhna and recent breakthrough artist Kings. These contributions help make up the eight tracks that are HAJA, which is one of the freshest sounding, most intriguing records to come out of New Zealand.

‘Boomtown’ is the second release off the highly-anticipated album and features Kiwi indie pop darling Chelsea Jade, and Rwandan-born/Hamilton-raised rapper Raiza Biza. “This track is the most positive, uplifting track I think I’ve ever written and that’s heaps to do with the Aghani Al-Banat track I chose to write the tune around,” says Jon. “I remember hearing it played at my wedding and couldn’t get it out of my head. After playing all this music along with it I had a tune that we couldn’t stop listening to.”

The Adults - Bloodlines (feat Estère & JessB) – Official Video

The Adults - Boomtown (feat Chelsea Jade & Raiza Biza) – Official Lyric Video

The Adults - Take It On The Chin (feat Kings) - Official Video