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Ladi6 Live 18/19

Ladi6 is the group project of vocalist Ladi and an overabundantly talented trio of accomplished producers in the shape of her partner Parks, drummer Julie Dyne and keyboard player Brandon Haru. Currently touring internationally with long time compadres … read more

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Shapeshifter live 18/19

Record-breaking New Zealand tours, scene-setting appearances at festivals like Glastonbury, The Big Chill, Big Day Out and Parklife, sold-out performances across Europe, worlds-colliding collaborations with Symphony Orchestras, multiple music awards, … read more

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Kora live 2019

As one of New Zealand’s best-known live bands, Kora are well known for giving energetic performances of their signature Kiwi tracks. Formed in 2001, their songs are known by most New Zealanders, firmly establishing them as one of NZ’s … read more

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