Shapeshifter have sparked a frenzy with the release of the single “Stars”, the first official single from the upcoming album, due out this year. “Stars” is the embodiment of everything we know and love about Shapeshifter; throbbing bass music, glistening electronic textures and barreling breakbeats set to the soulful tones of PDigsss.

“’Stars’ was conceived on one of those silent, timeless days, tucked away deep in exploration, sounds seeming to flood out of our old keyboards with every touch” says Shapeshifter’s Sam Trevethick. “Once the chord progression emerged and PDigsss stepped up to record his vocal, the feeling of the track seemed to take flight, spreading its wings.”

The beginning of the recording process for the new album took place between Shapeshifter’s studios in New Brighton and Auckland. “We had a group of about 100 song ideas. We spent six months solely focused on writing tunes and ideas, and ‘Stars’ was one of the 11 tracks that made it through to the end” explains Nick Robinson. “Once we had our ideas locked down, we spent time in Roundhead Studios in Auckland producing it there with Dylan Jones and Jeremy Glenn from The Upbeats. We’re ecstatic with the result. “

The new studio album will follow up to the incredibly well-received album Delta. Released in 2013, the album reached platinum status, spawned the platinum single “In Colour”, and earned the band the accolade of ‘Best Group’ and ‘Best Electronica Album’ at the New Zealand Music Awards.

Record-breaking New Zealand tours, scene-setting appearances at festivals like Glastonbury, The Big Chill, Big Day Out and Parklife, sold-out performances across Europe, worlds-colliding collaborations with Symphony Orchestras, multiple music awards, four EPs and five LPs – three with platinum sales – and an army of fans who return to relive the experience time and time again: the towering achievements of Shapeshifter, the future-shocked soul outfit who hail from Christchurch New Zealand, were built by a living, breathing band of musicians, with all the form-changing sonic possibilities live instrumentation offers.

The players in Shapeshifter created their very own heavy soul, a stadium-sized sound which adds layers of drum & bass, jazz, funk, rock and electronica to solid bass culture foundations, capable of morphing from rolling drum & bass to pummelling guitar-driven jams to horizon-shifting electronic soundscapes. This genre-defying amalgamation of influences continues to draw from new source material and inspiration as Shapeshifter evolves, motivating dancefloors worldwide and delivering audiences to the bleeding edge of musical possibility.  

As at home in an amped club environment as they are playing to packed festival fields, Shapeshifter is a truly adaptable unit. The five-strong lineup of PDigsss (vocals), Devin Abrams (sax/keys/synths), Sam Trevethick (guitar/synths/sampler), Nick Robinson (bass/synths/MPC) and Darren Mathiassen (drums) have individually called Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne, Kingscliff, Berlin, Queenstown and, first and foremost, their original Christchurch stomping ground home, yet a chemistry refined over 12 years of playing together means they lock back into formation whenever they regroup.

Shapeshifter will lay new foundations this year on their new album set to connect the dots of new sonic terrain and influences. And it’s a prospect that the members of Shapeshifter continue to relish as they ready a new campaign to take these sounds to the world.

Shapeshifter "Endless" Official Music Video

Shapeshifter - In Colour Official Music Video